Verso is a digital magazine about the future reading experience. How do new technology affect design, and how can we as designers benefit from the development of digital media?

School project
Dicipline: Digital design
Date: November 2014

Verso features 7 articles and interviews about the future reading experience. With the increase in popularity of digital reading and ebooks, designers face new challenges. The magazine discusses legibility on screen, how ebooks inspires printbooks to get better, new possibilities for interactive reading, and much more.

"Verso is a great example of editorial design for digital magazines. [...] Verso does a great job displaying content with intelligent interactions based on common design patterns." – Abduzeedo

↑ The magazine in use. Swipe horisontal to choose article, swipe vertical to read the article.


↑ The design is alternating between the two colors, orange and grey. This represents the contrast between digital and analog.

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