Norengros Kjosavik started making bed slats in a garage back in 1948. In 2015 they had a revenue of 500 million NOK, offering office supplies, medical consumables and packaging. I was given the task to design a book, telling the company’s history.

Client: Norengros Kjosavik AS
Dicipline: Editorial design
Date: july-september 2015

Format: 210x270mm
Paper: Munken Lynx 130 g/m2
Pages: 176

Starting off with 5 big boxes of old photos, brochures, letters, contracts and whatnot, this project was kind of a treasure hunt! A huge part of the job was to collect and organise all the information in order to understand the story and put everything on a timeline. It was important to make a visually interesting book which tells a story without having to read a lot of text, but at the same time describe the events in detail. The final book contains over 130 digitalised photos and documents spread across 180 pages. The book was printed in 500 copies, and was a gift from the company to all employees and partners.


↑ Each chapter starts with an orange spread.

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↑ The 3-column pages features a detailed insight on a variety of subjects.

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↑ In the end of each chapter you will find a summary of the most important events.